General foundation

Level 1

The Level - 1 study plan is designed for elementary level students from non English speaking background. The whole 14 weeks programme will motivate the learner to speak and practice English through practical tasks and activities. It will familiarize the student to the use of language in its natural setting by giving exposure to lots of authentic material and situations


Level 2

At the completion of Level-2, the student will be able to use English Language for communication. The student will be equipped with necessary vocabulary and grammar for the purpose of clear and efficient communication. He/she will be able to read and comprehend unseen passages. At the completion of the carefully prepared and graded curriculum in the classrooms with the help of their instructors, the student will write essays of about 200 words using grammatically correct sentences and appropriate division of paragraphs.

Level 3

This is the third level of the foundation programme.  This level emphasizes the development of self-critical approach on practical English, specifically, on writing, reading and speaking.  The courses at this level is designed to study various ways of a student’s study skills and tackle the complexity and ambiguity of organizing study plans.  Level 3 is a mixture of different skills in English language.  The class format of a speaking skill carries practice sessions, presentations followed by discussions.  Other skills like writing and readings deals co related topics of current importance, for instance writing reports, graph description and evaluative topics of modern world.