Scientific Research and Staff Development Unit                                                    (SRSDU)

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The Scientific Research and Staff Development Unit (SRU), in coordination with the Scientific Research Committee, concerns with supporting and empowering faculty members and students to undertake their research activities and to present the best of their scientific research. 
This is accomplished by assessing and refereeing the submitted papers and suggesting them to choose the best ones to participate at Omani higher education institutions, Scientific Conferences, National & International Conferences, National & International Journals and at various research programme platforms. 

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Research Unit Aims

  The overall aim of the research unit is to consider the role of research and explore the theoretical considerations at the start of the research process. The specific aims are:
To describe the stages and concepts behind the research process.
To explore how data, information, knowledge, and relate to the role of research.
To explain how research ideas are formulated into researchable problems. 
To provide guidance on formulating and writing research.


 Reviewing the level of current research activities in the college.
 Undertaking a critical review of appropriate research environment encouraging the research activities among the faculty members.
 Offering constructive suggestions for improving the research environment.
 Reviewing and recommending any research proposals applied by the faculty members in different fields of study.
 Reviewing the outcomes of the scientific research activities on an annual basis.

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