Student Affairs Department

Student activities

Preparing the annual plan for cultural, social and sports student activities and following up their implementation after being approved.
Holding cultural, social and sports competitions aiming to develop various skills of students.
Receiving the visiting schools and student delegations and providing necessary information to them.
Supervising the organization of symposia, conferences and scientific gatherings.
Contributing to upgrade local community's awareness of the college through organizing various activities and events.
Handling student complaints and grievances in coordination with the concerned officers.

Career Qualification

Preparing annual plan of students' practical training and following up its implementation (in coordination with the academic departments).
Providing advice to students in respect of post-graduation career requirements and making coordination to hold training courses to keep them familiar with appointment requirements; such as interview, writing CV…etc).
Studying the needs of labor market and making coordination with the various departments to ensure providing training to students or appointment of our graduates.
Following up the alumni and ensuring their integration into "OCMT Alumni Association" to benefit from the services provided to them by OCMT after graduation, keeping records on their appointment places and keeping in touch with their employers to identify their views on the alumni's efficiency and their performance.
Organizing the exhibitions and promotional events with the participation of different government and private sector bodies to arrange booking careers for students.
Preparing the annual report, supported by various statistics on the various events and key problems and proposed solutions.


Counting the necessary supplies for the clinic and making the appropriate arrangements to provide the same according to the college's valid regulations.
Providing first-aid services to students and referring necessary cases to government hospitals.
Keeping medical records for students.
Making coordination with the health institutions and blood bank.
Organizing activities related to raising students awareness of health issue.

Student Council and Almuni Association

Following up activities of Student Board and Alumni Association in terms of their formation, activities, and ensuring achievement of their respective objectives.


Considering students' social problems and providing appropriate solutions in coordination with other bodies both within and outside the college.
Undertaking any relevant tasks to be assigned by the college's dean or assistant dean.