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The alumni of OCMT are great assets to the institute.The relationship that the college maintains with them and the importance the college gives to them are proved by the involvement of the alumni in the interests of the institute. OCMT follows certain guidelines to keep an unbreakable bond with its former students.
The Department of Students’ Affairs is responsible for collecting the data from the students of all specializations and updating the communication data with them even after they leave the college by following certain guidelines. 


 Creating the database of the alumni that includes the general information, their specialization and the contact details.
 Trying to find the job opportunities for the alumni in both public and private sectors.
 Finding training locations for the alumni to provide apprenticeship to them.
 Inviting the alumni now and then to the institute to promote the relationship among them as well as to know about their current job situation
 Involving the alumni in different college activities as the alumni are considered the part of the college.

Odoo • Text and Image