Academic Support Services Committee

Academic Support Services Committee

Committee Members

1. Dr Hazem Migdady Asst. Prof. / Chair of the Committee
2. Mr Louay Al-Neaimi Academic Advising Officer Member
3. Ms Khadija Al-Habsi Academic Staff - GFP Reporter
4. Mr Ismaeel Al Rumaimi Technical Support Dept. Member
5. Ms Manal Al-Omairi Library - HoD Member


1. Plan for the Academic Support Services in coordination with other departments, units, and offices in the college;
2. follow up the implementation of the plan;
3. Make sure that the academic support services are in line with the national and international standards;
4. Provide training services to the students in the related topics, such as, library catalogues, E-library, IT services, English language, etc.
5. Supervise the peer tutoring process;
6. Follow the academic advising process,

Schedule of Co-Curricular Activities in The College

(2nd & 3rd Semesters 2019/2020)