Online Exams Preparations

The college holds a meeting to discuss preparations for online Exams

Sunday, April 12, 2020, the college held an online meeting, attended by all academic staff, in addition to the Deanship and the academic affairs committee to study the preparations for conducting exams online. The meeting started by a welcome and thanks from the dean of the college, where he appreciated the efforts made by the college staff both administrative and academics to manage the crisis without affecting the educational process by the current circumstances. This was followed by practical training in the process of preparing the tests electronically, presented by the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, where an electronic exam sample was created and followed by a discussion of how to prepare and correct the exam. 
After that, the discussion was opened for the attendees to discuss all possible challenges and difficulties and ways to overcome them, and a series of decisions were taken, including 
1- Each department head should conduct a meeting with the department students online to explain the mechanism by which the tests will be held 
2- The electronic exam manual, prepared by the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and approved by the attendees, should be sent to the students, as it includes all the steps that the student needs to know to enter the exam. 
3- Department heads shall be available to answer the inquiries of their department students 
4- Activating the WhatsApp number for the Technical Support Department, which is 24051007, for the purpose of solving technical problems that the student may face, including forgetting his password, starting from Monday morning, April 13. 
5- All faculty members shall give a mock exam this week to prepare students for the exams 
6- In the case of practical exams and projects, the heads of the academic departments will meet with the academic staff in the department to determine the evaluation mechanism and inform students about it before the end of Wednesday, April 15. 
7- The remaining mid-term exams for the second semester of the academic departments will be resumed on April 19, 2020 
8- General foundation Program Final exams will start on April 16, 2020 
9- The final exams for the academic departments will begin on May 3, 2020.