Industry and Community Engagement Unit (ICEU)

Oman College of Management and Technology considers community and industry engagement as one of its strategies and policies to engage with other educational providers and industries for the betterment of the Omani societies and sustainable development of the Sultanate. 


1.   Establish impactful links with industrial, professional bodies and societies.

2.   Promote the college services to the Omani community through resources and expertise.

3.   Strengthen OCMT alumni engagement and consolidate its outcomes.

4.   Strengthen the impact of collaboration with HEIs in HE sectors; private and public.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


1.       Encourage and support staff and students to be engaged with PB membership & activities.

2.       Acquire professional bodies’ recognition of OCMT academic programs.

3.       Support students and staff to acquire industrial professional certificates.

4.       Promote OCMT sponsorship to local professional bodies and societies.

5.       Develop and implement long-term commitment to support the Omani community.

6.       Implement capacity-building programs for the community aligned with Oman Vision.

7.       Ensure the availability of OCMT facilities and resources are open to community needs.

8.       Support OCMT alumni to acquire professional certificates in their field.

9.       Ensure the alumni’s role in the OCMT community engagement plan.

10.   Encourage Alumni contribution toward OCMT success.

11.   Establish a useful collaboration with HEIs in the Sultanate.

12.   Expand the collaboration, sharing resources, learning facilities, and research facilities.

Industry and Community Engagement Committee (ICEC)

The  Industry and Community  Engagement Committee (CIEC) is subordinated to the College Council. The committee is mandated to plan, deploy, review all related issues to community and Industry engagement. The committee is mandated to achieve the institutional key performance indicators related to strategic theme 5, industry and community engagement, in collaboration with the Industry & Community Engagement Unit.

Committee Members 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Mr. Mohammed Babiker

 Head of ICEU


: (+968) 24051023