General Foundation

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The GFP is a tri-semester programme spanning 40 weeks of intensive English language training to students who want to pursue undergraduate studies in higher education institutions. The programme effectively functions as a bridging course to prepare students for their higher studies. The programme focuses on the systematic and gradual development of skills acquisition as language is taught in a graded manner.

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The programme seeks to improve the English language skills of the students to enable active participation in their post foundation academic programmes. The program also aims to provide an efficient pathway to an undergraduate degree programme for young non-English speaking students, whose academic achievements do not meet the entry requirements to undergraduate courses.

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The mission of GFP is five-fold. It aims at:
1. providing the students with an open and equal opportunity learning environment conducive for improving their English Language proficiency, proper training in general and academic English, personal and professional development and creating a regional, and global cultural awareness.

2. providing the students with the necessary basic theoretical and operational skills in mathematics to prepare them for the academic diploma and degree programmes.

3. providing the students with basic knowledge of information technology by training in skills necessary for various higher education programmes.

4. providing the students with basic study and academic skills necessary for higher education programmes.

5. providing the right environment for students to develop sound practical and critical analytic skills that help them in their more advanced studies at OCMT.