Admission Criteria

Admission Requirements

1- All Programmes except Computer Sciences

A. Unconditional Acceptance

      General Diploma Certificate or equivalent with an average of 55%

      English proficiency certificate which might be one of the following:

       A certificate of IELTS or equivalent with band of 5.0 minimum

       65% in the placement test of the college

       General Foundation Programme completion certificate from a recognized Omani HEI

B. Conditional Acceptance

      If the general diploma certificate average is below 55%, the applicant should go through an evaluation process by the department which might be a written exam or an interview

      If the applicant does not fulfil the English proficiency requirement, he/she should take the general foundation programme in the College before registering in the academic programme.

2. Transferring from Other HEI’s

If the student has studied some courses in another recognized HEI, he is eligible to register in the programme considering the following:

      He has a general diploma certificate with average of 50% minimum,

      No more than 50 percent of the courses he studied in the original HEI can be equated and He should study at least 50 percent of the courses of the programme study plan in the College

3. Continuing to get Bachelor’s for Diploma graduates

For the graduates who graduated from the college they can continue their study to get their Bachelor’s degree according to the following criteria:

      If the student wants to continue his study in the same programme, all the courses he studied with the marks secured shall be considered.

      If the student wants to continue his study in different programme, the exempted courses shall be decided according to the course equivalence committee of the programme. The marks of the exempted courses are considered in his GPA.

4. Computer Sciences Programme

All the above mentioned points are applied to the applicants who want to study computer sciences in additional to the following point:

Applicant should have studied and passed the Pure Mathematics in the high school