International Students

Oman College of Management & Technology

welcomes International Students 

International Students office

The College established the international students office, which one of the Student Affairs Department units, to look after the existing international students and the prospective ones.

The responsibility of the Office is to:
1. Respond to inquiries from international students in various aspects and communicate with them
2. Coordinate with the Admissions and Registration Department for completing the procedures for the Attesting and equivalence of the certificates and the procedures for admission and registration.
3. Coordination with the Human Resources Department to issue the visa for the student
4. Communicate with the student and provide advice and guidance in relation to accommodation and transportation.
5. Coordinate with the Financial Advisor at the College for advising the international student financially and provide advice and guidance related to financial matters

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Admission and Services

Admission and Registration

Admission Requirements

Any international student willing to get admission to the College must have a General Diploma, General Secondary School or equivalent in the Sultanate. 

Attestation of certificates and documents any international student who wishes to study at the College must submit the General Diploma or General Secondary Certificate attested and equated by the Omani Ministry of Education. 

The International Student Office can follow up the equation in coordination with the Admissions and Registration Department.

Supporting Services

Visa Application Services

After obtaining acceptance and completion of the registration process, the International Student Office in the College in coordination with the Department of Admission and Registration and the Human Resources Department at the College shall apply for issuing a visa to the student and deposit it at the airport

Accomodation Services
The International Student Office advises the student and helps him to obtain a suitable accomodation and gives him details about the specifications of the accommodation, prices and places and coordinates with the student before arriving to the Sultanate

Financial Affairs

Registration and other Fees  

The student is responsible of the costs of the services as indicated in the following table:

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Study Fees 

The student shall be charged the tuition fees stipulated in the instructions applicable to other students of the college.

Discounts and Grants

The student shall enjoy the discounts of academic excellence stipulated in the College Instructions. The College is also entitled to consider granting the student a grant or a discount after the Board of Directors' approval to encourage international students to enroll in the College.

Contact us

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 Mr. Mohammad Al Zadjali 

International Student Officer

  • : +968 2405 1000

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