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Opening Hours

Sunday - Wednesday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Thursday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Friday - Saturday: Closed

 Ask  a Librarian
You can contact the librarians to assist you with your enquiries by the following contact details:

Phone: +968 24051000 – Ext. 1015, 1014

How do I use E-Library?



OCMT Library is located on the first floor of Student Services Building and administered by the college’s deanship. It aims to promote the educational process through serving the students and Academic & Admin Staff in order to meet their information needs. 

It includes more than 13.000 books classified by using the American congress library classification. Furthermore providing E-Resources that support the specializations. In addition, it enables the capability to search and access to the library books over the library catalog.

Rules and Regulations

Library Code of Conduct

OCMT Library provides a quiet and conducive environment for learning. Library users are requested to adhere the following instructions:

  Library users must keep quiet and switch off their mobile (or silent mode)          inside the library. 

 Keep the library hall clean, do not toy with computers and photocopying             machines and other facilities in the Library.

 Library users are not allowed to eat and drink (except water) inside the Library hall, E-library Room and Discussion Room.

 Do not leave any personal belongings inside the hall. The library is not               responsible for the loss of any personal items.

 Behave politely with the Library staff.

 Leave the library immediately on hearing the fire alarm or when asked to do      so in an emergency and follow all other Health and Safety instructions.

 Library users are not allowed to take photo or video inside the library using        their mobile phone or any other devices without prior permission from the        Librarian.

 Library users are not allowed to switch over their places between MALE and      FEMALE AREA for reading.

Library Objectives

The major aims of the library are as listed below: -

1) Conveys information regarding services, collections and resources that the users will be able to search, browse and discover in the most useful and convenient way.

2) Offers physical space created to facilitate the research, learning and substantiated intellectual engagement.

3) Expands the resources, services and programs virtually to the college community.

4) Enhances coordination of the collection of resources, policies and services to have a consistent user experience.

5) Enriches coordination among the college library staffs that allows sharing expertise and appropriate practices to enhance services to the users, develop access to the resources and improves the efficiency of the library.

6) Implements and improves the open library technology effective at interacting with the different processes using information technology.

In addition to above, additional aims are as: -

a. Improve faculty teaching, learning and research.

b. Reinforce library services and programs to support research.

c. Offer an appropriate learning environment, physical and online for undergraduate students.

d. Offer a wide range of high-quality resources of networked information for the students, faculty members and non-academic staffs.

e. Enrich the Library’s potential to meet the learning and research requirements of the college by accommodating to the growing global, digital and printed information.

Library Services

            Services Provided by the Library to students and staff

            New Arrivals 

              New arrivals are displayed on the assigned shelves next to the circulation desk in the library.  To see an online listing of New Arrivals in the library please go to:

            Print, Copy and Scan

            There are (3) printing , Copying and Scanning machines at the library which can be used by the users .
            The users are requested to follow the copyright guidelines. This guideline is developed to ‘fair use’ of the works of authors, publishers and others permitted by copyright law. To achieve ‘the fair use’ in terms of photocopying resources, library users are permitted to make copies of copyrighted works for preservation and circulation under the following rules:
            5% of a book at a maximum could be photocopied.
            10 pages of short story at a maximum could be photocopied.
            Use is limited to educational and personal purposes.
            It is forbidden to use the photocopied works for commercial purposes.
            It is forbidden to hide or remove copyright mark from resource.

            *These guidelines are developed based on the document of Oman Law of Copyrights and Neighboring Right.


            ​ The library introduces workshops its users regarding the search on library catalog and E-resources .



            The library provides computers to enable users to access to the E-resources .

             Discussion room

            Discussion room is used for group work and discussions, at a maximum limit of 4 students at a time. The reservation rules are as following:

            Students should contact the library staff to book the discussion room.

            Students must bring their college ID card to get card of the room number and fill the reservation form. 

            Students can book a discussion room for one hour only – extendable if not on demand –. 

            Once finishing the students must return the card of the room number and take their ID card.

            Reserve a discussion room is available during library opening hours.

            keep the room clean, don’t toy with library facilities. 

            Don’t eat and drink (except water) inside the room.  

            Don’t leave personal belongings inside the room. The library is not responsible for the loss personal items.    

            Odoo • Text and Image

            Borrowing Privileges


            • 7 textbooks for a full semester. 

            • 3 General books for 2 weeks.

            Academic Staff


            • 5 textbooks for a full semester. 

            • 3 General books for a full semester

            Admin Staff


            • 3 General books for 2 weeks.

            Get Library Notifications

            The library notifies the users about the new loans and the items that are due or overdue by email.

            If a book is due soon, you will receive due date reminder. You will then be given three days to return the book. On the due date you will receive an overdue notice. If you do not return on the due date, your borrower account will be suspended. You are then excluded from further college electronic services.

            Email Notification Schedule





            New loans

            On the date of check out


            Due Date Reminder

            Three days before the book is due


            Overdue Notice

            On the due date of the book


            You can search by using the library Catalog, which is available at the college website.

            You can access the library catalog through the library page on the college website. Go to:

            College Website>>Academic>>Library>> Library Catalog  

            Take the book you want to borrow to circulation desk and present valid ID card to the library staff.

            The number of books and loan periods which can be borrowed for each category is given below:



            Books Number

            Books Type

             Loan Period                




            Whole Semester Max.


            General Book

            Whole Semester Max.



            General Book

            2 Weeks Max.




            Whole Semester Max.


            General Book

            2 Weeks Max.

            If the borrowed books is not on demand or reserve ,the  borrower can renew the same book for one more week maximum by going personally to the circulation desk or sending an email to the library.

             You must return books to the library staff at the circulation desk and present your ID card.

            If the books are not returned by the final day of semester, the borrower will be blocked from the college Edugate portal (student portal) until the book has been returned. 

            You will be requested to pay the replacement cost (the price of the book in addition to 50%as administrative charges). 

            You can access E-Resources through the E-library on the college website. Go to:

            College Website>>Academic>>Library>> E- Library

            By going to circulation desk and asking for help.

            Or by sending your reference inquiries via library email:

            Or by calling the library staff via office phone: (968) 24051014 / 24051015.

            Or by using ‘Ask  a Librarian ‘ Form  available at the library page on the college website

            By filling the form of ‘’ Recommend a book’.