Technical Support Department

Technical Support

Admin Building, Ground Floor

Technical Support provides and supervises all sort of technological facilities which lead to provide effective teaching environment for the student and the faculty members.

Technical Support Dept. Team

Mrs Fatma ALNaamani


: (+968) 24051006


Eng Bassam Tarek


: (+968) 24051007


Mr Ismail Al Rumaimi


: (+968) 24051007




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TSD Responsibilities


1- To coordinate with different academic and administrative departments to define their needs of computers and their connections, data projectors, printers and to follow up on purchasing same if needed.
2- To coordinate with academic departments to provide them with necessary computer software and to supervise software library and sustainability of their work.
3- Direct control on the (OCMT) website and upgrade it continuously.
4- To run different servers e.g. server of registration system, finance server, internet server, server of different academic systems and teaching.
5- To supervise the development of technical work environment at (OCMT) and improving same.
6- To supervise connecting all departments of (OCMT) via internal network.
7- To provide computer services and applications of same for (OCMT) employees.
8- To supervise on computers maintenance and to replace or upgrade same when necessary according to approved recent technical specifications.
9- To conduct technical training workshops for students, companies and institutions upon the request and to make these workshops available for students of local community.To carry out any other works with which it is tasked by (OCMT) dean. 

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