1. A ttendance is required for all students, according to the hours prescribed for each course in the study plan. 
2. A  student should not be absent for more than (15%) of the scheduled learning hours prescribed for the course. 
3.  If a student is absent for more than (15%) of the total scheduled learning hours in a course without a reason valid and acceptable to the Head of the Department, the student shall be banned from appearing for the remaining examinations, the mark in the banned exams shall be Zero. The student must register the course again if s/he has failed in the final result. However, in all cases the final grade shall be computed into the student's semester and the cumulative average for purposes of warning and dismissal from the Department. 


1.  If a student is absent for more than (15%) and not more than (30%) of the scheduled learning hours specified for a certain course, and if such absence is due to a reason acceptable to the Dean, the student shall be deemed to have withdrawn from that course and withdrawal provisions shall apply. The Dean shall inform the Head of Admission and Registration. The word (Withdrawn) shall be entered against the course in the student's academic record.
2.   The sick leave report must be issued to the student by the physician at the College, or by a hospital accredited by the College. The report must be submitted to the Head of the Department within a period not exceeding two weeks from the date of the student's absence. In other compelling cases, the student must provide evidence to that effect within one week from the date of the student's return to the college.
3.  Heads of the Departments, faculty members, and the Head of Admissions and Registration are responsible for executing these attendance provisions.