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A field trip for students of the Department of Interior Design

June 12, 2022 by

The Interior Design Department, in cooperation with the Marketing and Public Relations Unit, organized an educational field trip for interior design students to the Royal Opera House. This is in to answer students' questions and to enhance their understanding of the specialization of ID. In addition to providing the opportunity for students to obtain practical information from the reality of the field.

Where the students were received and welcomed by the Opera House team and introduced to the history and establishment of the house, and how and the stages of building this edifice under the close supervision of the late Sultan, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may God have mercy on him. A tour of all the facilities of the house was also carried out and the students were introduced to the types of materials used and the ornaments that were engraved and carved by Omani hands. Also the quality of the marble used inside and outside the house was mentioned, and what it contains, features and specifications that were carefully selected. The students were also briefed on theaters and how to design them. After that, the students moved to see the second building through a musical glass walkway interacting with the visitors' footsteps. The visit concluded with a tour of the Opera House library.


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