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Oman Design and Build Week

March 20, 2023 by
Oman College of Management and Technology, OCMT TSD

Several students from the Department of Interior Design at the college participated in the design and build week in the Sultanate of Oman, which was organized on Monday, March 13, 2023. The college is always keen to send the students to this type of events with the aim of enhancing and enriching their knowledge about the latest developments in their specializations and getting acquainted with on various practices in the labor market.
The results achieved from this participation are as follows: 

1- The students were able to meet with more than 150 leading companies at the local, regional and international levels. 

2- Watch live demonstrations of products and learn more about the latest technologies in the field of interior design, by viewing them directly from qualified suppliers, manufacturers and professionals.

3- Communicate with key policy makers from the Real Estate Association of Oman, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, and government agencies in the Sultanate of Oman. 

4- Giving students the opportunity to attend advanced conferences, engage in practical workshops and enhance their professional knowledge. 

5- Enabling the student to enhance his/her knowledge about Oman's industrial strategy for the year 2040. The government has identified industrialization, diversification and privatization as opportunities for growth towards the cities of the future.

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