The college hosts the "Voluntary License Program" In cooperation with the Baraka Charity Team on Saturday, December 4, 2021

Based on the principle of partnership between the various entities and the college in developing the skills and abilities of community members and college students, and in order to promote this partnership and fruitful cooperation, the College hosted the "Voluntary License Program" in cooperation with the Barka Charitable Team on Saturday, 4/12/2021, at the college's campus.

The training program aimed at developing volunteer skills and basic principles in first aid and managing and implementing voluntary projects, as well as enabling volunteers to get the training and qualification they need to play an active role in society. It is worth mentioning that the Voluntary License Program is an international training program accredited to prepare and issue a voluntary license for volunteers in order to promote volunteer work for different segments of society through training, rehabilitation and the implementation of voluntary ideas in an orderly and distinctive manner.

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