The delegation of exceptional students returns to the Sultanate

June 1, 2022 by

The delegation of our college students, comprising of 12 male and female students, as well as the trip supervisor Ms. Ruwaiya AL. Rabaani, returned after a successful week-long visit to Shiraz University in the Islamic Republic of Iran. They were given an overview of the university's facilities and several faculties, as well as a diverse program that included visits to museums and heritage sites. The students expressed their joy and gratitude to the Deanship of the College for the special attention it pays to students in general, and to outstanding students in particular, by sending them to adjacent countries to learn about their landmarks and reflect on their diverse experiences. They stressed the positive influence such visits have on the students' hearts, encouraging them to continue to improve and succeed, as well as instilling a spirit of competition and aspiration for greatness in the rest of the students so that they too might benefit from such opportunities.

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