The Interior Design Department organizes a field trip to the Sultan Qaboos University exhibition

March 1, 2023 by
Oman College of Management and Technology, OCMT TSD

The Department of Interior Design at the college organized a field trip to the exhibition of Sultan Qaboos University, which lasted for three days during the period from 26 to 28 February 2023. This exhibition constitutes the thirteenth edition of the gathering of students of engineering colleges, which in turn provides the opportunity for students to interact with experiences in various fields of design, software development, and robotics, by listening to lectures given by specialists in these different fields, where they presented the latest technologies used in these fields, which contributed to enhancing students’ understanding of employing some of the skills they learn in their specialties, and using them in practical life. It is noteworthy that these field trips come within a systematic context and within a tight plan pursued by the Oman College of Management and Technology to enrich extracurricular and cocurricular education, and help students interact with the course of the labor market and its developments, to enhance the outputs of various programs and contribute to bridging the gap between academic outputs and the needs of the labor market

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