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The Student Affairs Department organizes a workshop on sign language

March 1, 2023 by
Oman College of Management and Technology, OCMT TSD

The Student Affairs Department, in the presence of 35 students from the college, organized a workshop entitled: Exceptional Language, on Tuesday 28/2/2023. It was presented by the student Nusseibeh Al Dhuibiyeh, and she touched on the following topics: 

- What is sign language? 

- Team leader experience 

- Society's view of the deaf 

- Spreading the culture of the sign language 

After that, a simple acting scene was shown, in which the students reviewed the daily events of the deaf people. Then, the leader of the Deaf Community Services team, student Azwar Al-Tamtami, spoke about the story of the team’s founding and its role in spreading the culture of learning sign language. The percentage of its negative impact in the long term. The team is keen to inculcate the impact of the signal by pointing out its effects positively, as well as by being in solidarity. The workshop concluded with a visual presentation of a social experiment for people with such kin of disabilities.

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