Time Management between Study and Worship

March 28, 2024 by
Oman College of Management and Technology, OCMT TSD

The college, through the Student Affairs Department in collaboration with the Counseling and Social Guidance Office, organized a workshop titled "Time Management between Study and Worship" on Tuesday, March 26, 2024. This workshop was presented by Ms. Zemarad Al-Juhoriya, who works as a trainee at the Counseling and Social Guidance Office at the college.

The workshop covered various topics, including prioritization, and organizing the daily schedule, dividing it into urgent and important tasks that cannot be postponed, as well as important but non-urgent tasks that focus on developing the individual's future through continuity and continuous evaluation of goal plans.

Additionally, Ms. Zemarad provided valuable advice to students, emphasizing the utilization of remaining time in the blessed month, such as performing night prayers and utilizing the time between the call to prayer and the actual prayer time. She also encouraged adopting a proactive approach in goal planning, facing challenges with optimism and patience. Furthermore, she stressed the importance of avoiding wasting time on superficial activities like watching TV, browsing social media, and playing games.

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