Switching to e-learning at the College

as a precautionary measure to avoid Coronavirus spread

In line with the precautionary measures and the suspension of study to limit the spread of Coronavirus, the college has switched to e-learning and giving lectures through the integrated system of e-learning, which is one of the most recent systems used in universities where it is characterized by the following:
1- The possibility of seeing the lecturer and interacting with the lecture by the students and the lecturer
2- Sharing presentations with students during the lecture
3- Possibility of sharing the e-board in the class for the purpose of writing and solving problems
4- The possibility of checking attendance and absence during the lecture
5- Possibility of asking questions and answering them by the lecturer and students
 In addition to other capabilities that will be used when needed, such as giving assignments and homework.
The college, during the weeks before the suspension of study, prepared the students and the academic staff and trained them to use the system, which made the transition to e-learning an easy process and went smoothly and with a high attendance rate by students, which exceeded 90%.
The Dean and the assistant dean monitored the process closely and made tours on the classes to identify any possible challenges. The dean spoke with the students in some lectures and asked them about their satisfaction with the practice, and most of the answers were positive.

The Dean and Asst. Dean Monitor the Process 

Technical Support Department staff are available to solve any technical issue

Academic Staff Giving lectures