Computer Science and MIS


 The department aims at providing qualitative and up to date education in computer science and management information systems, both nationally and regionally.

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The department is committed to providing students with opportunities to obtain quality degree level education in Computer Science and Management Information Systems. The department also:

• Provides education by well-qualified faculty members.

• Exposes students to latest technologies in Information Technology.

• Impart hands on skills required for modern workplace.

• Develop soft skills necessary for today’s challenging job market.


  •  Give the students the ability to be effective in the society as professional individuals in the fields of Computer Science and Management Information System.

  •  Provide the students with the problem-solving capabilities.

  •  Develop the student’s personality to be a cooperative and self-confident person.

  •  To provide the students with adequate theoretical background in the field of computer science.

  •  To provide the students with a strong practical background in the field of hardware.

  • To provide the students with brief abilities in designing and implementing software.

  • To produce graduates who are capable to work on the recent technologies and to be able to adapt new technologies.

  • To produce graduates who satisfy the national and international standards and capable to continue their higher studies in different academic institutes.

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