This specialization deals in providing financial information to all interested parties (users of accounting information) for taking appropriate economic decisions. It is the way of assessing the assets, liabilities, and cash flow of business entities.

Banking & Financial Sciences

This field of study is concerned with raising and allocation of funds in different business ventures in a rationale way to achieve optimum utilization of financial resources.

Marketing & E-Commerce 

This field of study is concerned with a wide range of marketing activities using technology to deal with the needs and wants of customers. Marketing is about understanding the customers and finding ways to provide goods or services which the customers demand.

Business Administration

This major deals with different types business organisations and their effective management. A wide range of business management strategies are covered by the curriculum.

Interior Design

Interior spaces are diverse and need professional designers making the most of them. This program aims to equip the students with competent qualifications, experiences and technical skills in order to be capable of designing interiors including residential and commercial projects considering both functional and aesthetic aspects with emphasis on creativity

Computer Science

Offers Computer science and related courses which include theory, design, development and applications such as mathematical, hardware, software, network & security, and programming . 

Management Information System

A formal discipline within business education that bridges the gap between computer science and well-known business disciplines such as finance, marketing, and management.

Foundation Programme

Designed to prepare the student for starting a degree in a certain field, for example, foundation programmers in business, in computer science. 
They can also be tailored for a specific type of degree course.

Masters of Accounting

The College offers Masters of Accounting Programme in academic Affiliation with Yarmouk University.