Dean's Message

Professor Dr. Waleed Hmedat

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Dean's Message

Prof. Dr.Waleed Hmedat

College's Dean

​ OCMT is committed to the development and provision of high quality education for our students. , College's Dean 

​  We offer an inspiring and dynamic learning environment, College's Dean  

OCMT’s vision is to be one of the top academic institutions at the graduate and undergraduate levels providing high quality education in the country and the region.

OCMT aspires to be a scholarly community dedicated to excellence through student-centered education and research emphasizing cutting-edge professional practice in the fields of study offered.

OCMT is committed to the development and provision of high quality education for our students. Our mission is to bring forth benefits to every student, local community, and most importantly Oman.

OCMT maintains a supportive and friendly atmosphere where all stakeholders value each other and operate in a climate of mutual respect and understanding.

We offer an inspiring and dynamic learning environment where all students are well supported and valued with the assistance of our qualified and dedicated staff, Our staff is determined to treat our students with due care, respect and professionalism.

We pride ourselves on our student-centered approach where students are our main concern; their needs are our top priority.

We ensure that students acquire the necessary skills and experiences that local and international employers seek and we are committed to enable our students to be an asset for the country and their employers. 

The students graduating from OCMT enter the competitive business world with confidence and ability while accepting that life-long learning is a fundamental requirement if one is to succeed in the pursuit of a better life.

Our staff consist of highly trained professionals; sensitive to the values of the local culture and able to get the best out of individual students.

You'll realize quickly that this is a dedicated community of students, teachers and support staff committed to the common pursuit of excellence.

We maintain high standards by having high expectations of ourselves and of our students.The commitment of our staff makes OCMT an ideal place to study and work.

We pursue and impart knowledge and contemporary skills within a caring community that prepares students in challenging ways to become more productive and responsible global citizens.

The Omani Government’s ambitions on building an economy based on practical and contemporary skills are clear, However, to achieve this we need an education system that works together.

Our aim is to establish a foundation for academic and professional cooperation with top colleges and universities which would bring great learning opportunities and benefits primarily for our students, faculty and most importantly the local people.

I am pleased to invite you to move ahead and find out how OCMT can help you to commence your successful journey. I'm sure you will get the support and services you deserve.

On behalf of the OCMT community, wish you all the best and look forward to providing you top quality education and services.