1. The  overall grade for each course is calculated based on one hundred, to the nearest whole number.  
2. The final grade for each course is the total of the marks for the final examination and the course work.
3. final examination in each course shall be held only once at the end of the semester. It shall be a written exam and covers the entire course content and weights 50% of the overall grade for the course. Also, it shall be in the college or online according to circumstances assessed by the college. However, the grade of the final examination may include practical and oral tests or reports for which a certain percentage shall be allocated. The students' answer sheets in the final exams are not returned to the students after the correction, and the student is not allowed to view them in any way.
4. C ourse works shall include at least one written exam which must be announced to the students at least one week in advance. The exam shall be held no later than the end of the eighth week from the beginning of a compulsory semester (and the fourth week of the summer semester). Students’ graded answers sheets shall be returned to students no later than one week after the date of the exam. Course work may include, oral examinations, reports, and research papers, all or some as may be resolved by the Department Council. Graded exam papers, reports and research papers shall be returned to students to be reviewed.
5. S eminar, laboratory, fieldwork, and project courses may be exempted from the provisions of Item (3) above. In this case, the Department Council shall determine the method of assessment, which shall be notified to the students at the beginning of the semester. 
6. student who is absent from an announced exam without a valid excuse acceptable to the Head of the Department shall receive a grade of Zero for the exam to be computed into the final grade for the course. That excuse, to be considered, shall be submitted within a period of the next three business days after the exam. 
7.  A student who is absent from the final exam due valid excuse acceptable to the Dean shall provide the needful evidence within three days following the date of the exam to be considered as an incomplete case. Otherwise, the grade of the student in that exam will be Zero.
8.  In case the final exam includes project, report, or presentation, if the student is absent from the time specified for the submission, then a valid excuse to be accepted by the dean is required within a period not exceeding three days after the specified date for submission. The course instructor is not allowed receive anything from the student except in accordance with the provisions of the incomplete exam that was set out in related articles of this document.