College Facilities

Computer Labs

The College provides its students with up-to-date labs used for teaching and free labs for the students to do their homework and assignments. The labs consist of VDI terminals where the students can access their accounts without losing any document or data. All the software and applications installed on the computers are licenced.

Additionally, the College has specialised computer labs, such as Apple lab for Interior Design students, Graduation project labs and hardware labs.

Clinic and Health Care

The college provides its students and staff with basic health care on campus. These services are provided by a well-equipped clinic under the supervision of a well-trained nurse.

Additionally, the college provides an on-call car with a driver for the cases that need to be transferred to the hospital accompanied with the nurse.

Gym and Sport

The college provides its students with Sports Facilities. Gyms are available for both male and female students.

Prayer Rooms

The college provides its students, staff and visitors with Prayer rooms both for male and female. 

The prayer rooms are located in the first floor of the Service Building.


The college has a well-furnished cafeteria in the Service Building