How to Apply

Students with the general education diploma or its equivalents can join all majors according to the terms and conditions outlined in the College Admission Policy. Except for Computer Science, students should have studied the pure math at the general education diploma.

  1. general education diploma Certificate 

  2. Transcript of the Certificate.

  3. Student's total mark must not be less than 50%.

  4. Graduates of secondary school who studied applied Math can apply for all degree/diploma courses except Computer Science specialization. 

  5. Graduates of secondary school who studied pure Math can apply for any degree/diploma offered in the college. 

  6. Four passport size photos (blue background) (4 × 6) cm

  7. The application for admission and signature on a pledge prepared by the college.

  8. For the students who are sponsored by MOHE, the approval of the ministry is required.

  9. Copy of ID card or passport.

Students from other colleges or universities may transfer to the college in case of having available seats in accordance with the following conditions:

1- The student must meet the conditions of admission to the College.
2- The student must be transferred from a recognized university ,university college, or college.
3- The previous study of the students should follow the attendance system.
4- His previous courses can be equated according to the college regulation and no more than 50% of the courses in the college’s study plans shall be equated

The following steps show the admission procedure practiced at the college:

  1. The applicant should approach the Admission &  registration department with all the required documents. 

  2. The application for admission with the student's name, personal data, study fees, transportation and accommodation and other details is filled in. 

  3. Once the registration department approves the form, the information of the student is entered to the student information system and he is given a unique college ID number.

  4. The student, then proceeds to the finance department to pay the registration fees for admission and registration. 

  5. The student is then advised to take the CBPT to determine the level of study he/she can join in GFP. Depending on his/her CBPT results, the student joins the concerned level at the GFP as per the details given in the GFP Bylaw. 

  6. Students, who already have a Foundation Certificate or its equivalent certification as per the OAAA guidelines, can directly proceed to the academic programmes. 

  7. Students who directly join the academic programmes will choose the courses (through online registration system) he/she wants to study in consultation with the academic advisor. 

  8. Once the courses are chosen, the student will get his/her timetable and the study plan through online portal of the college.

Admission to all courses will be absolutely based on the availability of seats.

What are The Specializations Offered by The College

The college offers the following specializations, The specializations for Diploma and bachelor’s degree:

 Business Administration 


 Finance and Banking 

 Marketing and e-commerce 

 Computer science 

 Management information systems 

 Interior design