The maximum period of study for obtaining the diploma degree is three and a half years, and for the bachelor’s degree shall not exceed seven years. The college council can allow one additional semester if the student can graduate within this additional semester.


1. The academic year consists of Three semesters, two compulsory (First & Second), the period of each one of them is sixteen weeks, along with a third optional semester (Summer) for eight weeks. Such that, all the mentioned periods include the exams periods.
2. The credit hour for each course is computed on the basis that each credit hour is equivalent to one-hour-sixteen-classes. Laboratory and practical hours shall be determined for each course separately, provided that each credit hour shall be equal to at least two laboratory hours or two practical hours.
3. The student shall bear the responsibility of registering for the courses listed in the academic plan, in accordance with registration procedures adopted by the College.
4.   Bearing in mind the maximum period of study for obtaining the degrees of diploma and bachelor as stipulated above, the minimum number of credit hours to be registered in a compulsory semester by a student shall be (12) hours per semester, whereas the maximum number of credit hours shall be (18), as it could be raised to (21) if it is approved by the dean, subject to the following two conditions: 
a. The student's cumulative average is not less than (76%). 
b. The remaining number of credit hours for the student in the study plan is only (21) credit hours, in that semester.

5. A student may, with the approval of the dean, be permitted to register no less than 9 credit hours in the compulsory semester. The student may continue to study a number of credit hours less than the minimum limit if the s/he withdraws during the semester - after the add and drop period - from some courses in cases of force majeure, after the approval of the head of the academic department to which the student's specialisation belongs.

6. The number of credit hours registered by the student in the summer semester shall not exceed 9 credit hours as a maximum. However, the number may rise to 12 credit hours if this leads to the student's graduation at the end of that semester.

7. A student is considered at the second-year level if s/he successfully completes a study of no less than 30 credit hours, at the third-year level if s/he successfully completes at least 60 credit hours, and at the fourth-year level if s/he successfully completes at least no less than a study 90 credit hours, as part of the study plan.