Services & Supplies Department

Admin Building, Ground Floor

Services & Supplies Team

Mr. Mazin Al Mamari

: (+968) 24051016

Mr.Khamis Al Khusaibi

: (+968) 24051031

Mrs.Kamla Al  Fulaiti

: (+968) 24051045

Mr.Tala ALKiyumi

: (+968) 24051031

Ms. Khadija Al Hajri

: (+968) 24051043

1- Completing all procedures pertaining to visits of formal delegations; e.g. reception and bidding farewell in the airport, obtaining entry visas, booking hotels and airplane seats, and providing necessary means of transport for them.
2- Making preparations and arrangements for conferences, symposium, meetings and formal parties organized by the college.
3- Receiving the incoming correspondences to the college and distributing the same to concerned bodies.
4- Delivering the college's outgoing correspondences to the concerned bodies.Distribution of resolutions, publications and circulars issued by the college.
5-Supervising the college-owned and hired vehicles' drivers for student transport purposes; e.g. movement, maintenance, fuel consumption and insurance.
6- Supervising the furniture warehouse, telephone machine, and maintenance of furniture, machinery and equipment.
7- Supervising the college buildings and making necessary maintenance work, whenever necessary.Leasing the necessary premises for the college whenever necessary.
8- Receiving service provision / purchase orders and taking the necessary course of action with regard thereto in accordance with the valid law and regulations, including soliciting, analyzing, and making relevant recommendations on tenders.
9- Supervising the cafeteria in terms of cleaning, diverse food and beverages served, and price control.Undertaking any relevant tasks to be assigned by the college's dean or assistant dean.
10- Making necessary bookings for the travel of expatriate academic staff and personnel, in coordination with the concerned bodies.