The following acts are considered violations that make the student subject to disciplinary actions set forth in these instructions: 

A.  Deliberately being absent from attending classes and other activities that the regulations require or any act of instigation of the same.
B.  Cheating or attempting to cheat during exams, homework, projects, reports and presentations or breaching their regulations.
C.  A ny act committed by the student in the College that is degrading, immoral, or any act that harms the reputation of the College or its staff. This paragraph applies to the mentioned acts if they are committed outside the College in an event or an activity that the College participates in.
D.  E stablishing or participating in any organisation inside the College without getting prior approval from the concerned authority in the College or participate in any group work in a way that violates the organisational rules in the College.
E.  U sing the College's facilities and building for purposes other than what they are made for or without getting prior approval.
F.  D istributing publications, issuing newspapers in the College, collecting signatures or donations without getting approval from the concerned authorities in the College or abusing the use of such approval for conducting the activities.
G.  V iolation of the order and discipline required by the lectures that are given inside the college, whether they are study lectures, lectures given by external speakers, workshops, or conferences. 
H.  A ny insult or abuse that the student throws at a faculty member, any staff in the College or another student.
I.  D amaging any of the college assets deliberately or by negligence.
J.  V iolate the applicable laws, rules, instructions, and decisions in the College.
K.  Forging official documents or using forged documents for academic purposes.


The following shall be the penalties that may be imposed on the students:

A.  C autioning assigned by the instructor or by any of the competent authorities in the college.
B. D ismissing the student from the classroom by the instructor or by any of the competent authorities in the college.
C. D epriving the student of attending some of the lectures of the course that was violated or to be disallowed from attending all the lectures.
D. D epriving the use of the College's facilities for a specific period.
E.  First official warning
F.  S econd official warning
G.  F inal Warning
H.  D ropping one or more of the courses registered by the student during the semester in which the violation occurred.
I. T emporary suspension from the College for one semester or more.
J. D ismissal from the College
K. P ostponing awarding the academic certificate. 
L.  C ancellation of the decision to award the certificate if a forgery or fraud was detected in the procedures for obtaining it.


Two or more penalties set forth in these instructions may be combined.


If the student is caught cheating during the exams or any other academic activity (homework, projects, reports … etc.), then the instructor/invigilator shall ask the student to sign the cheating declaration form. If the student refuses to sign the declaration, the phrase (refused to sign) shall be written, and the instructor/invigilator shall sign that declaration.  After that, the following penalties may be applied together or individually:

A. The student is considered failed in the course.

B. Any penalties set forth in paragraphs (E-F) of article of penalties.