1. A  student is allowed to drop courses or add new courses within the first five teaching days (excluding any breaks) of the compulsory semesters, as well as within the first three teaching days (excluding breaks) of the summer semester. Courses which a student has dropped will not be entered into the academic record. 
2. student shall be permitted to withdraw from one or more courses within a maximum period of up to the end of the thirteenth week of the semesters, and the end of the seventh week of the summer semester. In such a case, the course shall be entered into the student's record, and the word (Withdrawn) shall be placed against it. A course from which a student has withdrawn shall not be included in the total number of hours studied by the student with respect to success, failure, or graduation requirements. However, if the student does not withdraw during the specified period, the course instructor shall enter the result in the student's academic record.
3. The  number of registered hours shall not, as a result of withdrawal, fall below the minimum academic load permitted by these instructions except by an approval from the dean according to a decision from the academic department, provided that the number of the student's credit hours during the semester shall not be less than nine credit hours. 
4. If  a student is considered to have withdrawn from all the registered courses in any semester, s/he shall be considered as having deferred the studies. The semester concerned shall be counted as part of the deferment period allowed according to the deferment regulations, and this shall be entered into his academic record. 

5. student may apply to withdraw from all the registered courses in any semester. After approval by the Head of the Department, Academic Advisor, and the Dean, the student shall be considered as having deferred the studies. However, the student must submit such an application at least two weeks prior to the date of the final examinations.