Quality Assurance


To be a part of Oman College of Management & Technology (OCMT) to maintain in maintaining the educational and management quality and acting on its continuous process for the improvement of the whole College community. 


The mission of the QA Department is to establish a culture of quality in the college that will enhance and maintain its improvement for quality in achieving its main purpose. 


1.Following up on the implementation of the college's strategic plan. 
2.Proposing the cadre and programs evaluation mechanisms based on sound scientific principles. 
3.Submitting quarterly and annual reports on Quality Assurance Center to the college Dean. 
4.Representing the college in the relevant conferences, symposia, committees and meetings in respect of quality assurance. 
5.Proposing the various questionnaires (evaluations), conducting statistical and descriptive analysis of information as regards the college activities, and submitting proposals thereon to the college dean. 
6.Supervising the preparation of periodical accreditation and review reports, and following up the work of committees which prepare the same before their final wording. 
7.Submitting proposals to all college departments, and assisting all departments develop the work for the purpose of obtaining high quality results.

Meet the Quality Assurance Teams

Quality Assurance Department

Staff of Quality Assurance Department

 Ms Ghada Al-Nassibi 
​ Dr Hazem Al Migdady

Quality Assurance Committee

Members of the Quality Assurance Committee

Mr Abdullah Belhadia , Chair of the committee
Dr Hazem Al Migdady  
Dr Baby Thomas
Dr Gbenga
Ms Ghada Al-Nassibi
Ms Ibtisam Al-Muqbali
Ms Noshaba Maryam
Ms Suha Al-Owaisi
Ms Ruwaiya Al Rabaani