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A symposium on the scientific research and innovation sector in the Sultanate

July 7, 2022 by
Oman College of Management and Technology, OCMT TSD

A symposium was held at the Oman College of Management and Technology to raise awareness of the scientific research and innovation sector of the MoHERI, on Wednesday 6th July, 2022. Where the college hosted Mr. Adel Al-Fazari, who is specialized in raising awareness of this type of program in the ministry. Where he touched on the efforts of the Ministry in this context and reviewed the latest achievements that have been achieved in the framework of enhancing scientific production in the Sultanate. He also talked about the various resources currently available to support
researchers, train them and provide them with more skills in this field. Then he moved to talk about the trends in the near future and the projects that the ministry is working on implementing. At the end of his speech, he referred to some success stories that researchers from the Sultanate were able to achieve.
In turn, Dr. Hazem Migdady, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research, reviewed the college's achievements in this field, as he emphasized the college's success in achieving all its goals in research output during its action plan for the current academic year, attributing this to a number of procedures and policies that the college followed it to encourage scientific research, which was represented by supporting faculty through financial rewards for their research, in addition to covering publishing costs. The college also included research achievement in the annual evaluation forms for faculty. He also pointed out that the college was able to convert a good number of students' graduation projects into research papers that were published in prestigious international conferences, with direct support and at the college's expense.
After that, the guest was honored and a certificate of appreciation was presented to him, emphasizing the necessity of impeding communication with the college and organizing more related events.
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