News of the college's participation in the volunteer work workshop

March 10, 2024 by
Oman College of Management and Technology, OCMT TSD

Oman College of Management and Technology participated in a volunteer work workshop organized by MOHERI on Monday, March 4, 2024, at AOU campus. The workshop included a speech by the General Directorate of Private Universities and Colleges presented by Dr. Maryam AL Nabhani, who explained the Ministry’s interest in activating volunteer work by involving student advisory councils and student clubs in attending workshops and seminars concerned with volunteer work, believing in the importance of volunteer work and the great benefits that accrue to both the student and the institution. This was followed by a working paper delivered by Dr. Anfal from SQU entitled "The Positive Effects of Volunteer Work for Students and Institutions". Then, Mr. Hamad AL Azri from Nizwa University spoke about the student development programs adopted by Nizwa University to provide students with values and life skills to enrich their lives. Subsequently, Mr. Naman AL Rawahi, CEO of Mutrah Charity Team, presented the positive effects of volunteer work for individuals and communities. Additionally, Ms. Wafa AL Alyani from AL Buraimi University presented strategies and motivational methods to encourage students and student groups to engage in volunteer work. Mr. Ibrahim AL Shamsi from the Ministry of Education reviewed their experience in promoting tourism and the challenges faced by schools in activating volunteer work. Finally, Dr. Imad Adil from the Scientific College of Design reviewed their experience in activating volunteer work and the role of media in supporting the initiative of the Social Security Students Support Fund at the college. The workshop concluded with a discussion session between attendees and participants to express their opinions and suggestions to enhance volunteer work in higher education institutions in cooperation with government and private institutions.

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