Researchers from OCMT are developing a feedback matching algorithm to predict future values of time series

March 3, 2024 by
Oman College of Management and Technology, OCMT TSD

A research team from the Oman College of Management and Technology has developed an innovative and unprecedented algorithm for predicting future values in time series, entitled “Feedback Matching Algorithm for Predicting Future Values of Time Series.” The research team consisted of researchers in the Department of Computer Science and Management Information Systems, and they are: Dr. Hazem Migdady (Associate Professor), Mr. Louay Al-Nuaimi, and Dr. Mustan Muhammad (Assistant Professor). The algorithm was announced through participation at the 9th International Conference on Information and Communications Technology (ICICT 2024), held from February 19 to 22, 2024 at the America Square Convention Center in London, United Kingdom.

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