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The Acting Dean of the College meets the Students’ Council

February 1, 2024 by
Oman College of Management and Technology, OCMT TSD

The Acting Dean of the College met with members of the Students’ Council, in the presence of members of the Student Affairs Department, with the aim of reviewing all the positive aspects that contribute to improving the educational process, as well as identifying the obstacles that obstruct the students’ academic journey. The meeting began with an explanation by the Acting Dean of the most prominent academic achievements during the first semester of the current year, which included:

1. limiting the number of students in each section to be 25 students at most, with the aim of enhancing students’ benefit from their lectures and enabling teachers to allocate more time to monitor the level of achievement of each student.

2. Using the Pearson educational platform as a teaching curriculum for all subjects included in the curriculum, by providing textbooks approved by prestigious international universities, in addition to study resources for students and professors.

3. Reducing the academic load for all faculty members, which enables the teacher to work to enrich and enhance the educational process.

4. Registering students according to their guidance plans, to ensure that they are placed on the correct track of the study plan, and to enable them to complete their study requirements and graduate within the specified legal periods, and to spare them from further unnecessary financial costs.

5. Explain the mechanism for setting questions in all tests, through internal and external auditing processes, and the second stage of marking.

Then the Council members conveyed the most important students’ observations and requests, where the Acting Dean instructed to deal with the students’ needs and meet them as quickly as possible. He also invited students to share their ideas and opinions to ensure the achievement of the common vision for developing their academic experience and making the most of the services provided at the college.

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