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The college organizes its annual interior design exhibition

June 15, 2023 by
Oman College of Management and Technology, OCMT TSD

Oman College of Management and Technology organized the annual interior design exhibition. The exhibition included a number of various activities that showed the distinguished level that the college students have reached in the interior design department. The exhibition provided an opportunity for the students to master their skills in presenting their artistic production and explaining its details through direct interaction with the audience. In this context, the students of the department have proven their ability to employ the skills they have learned and the knowledge they have received, and reflect them in their presented works. In turn, Dr. Hazem Migdady, Acting Dean of the college, expressed his great happiness with what he saw in the exhibition halls, which included a diversity of ideas and a high-level organization that took into account the specificity of the content and the various branches of interior design. He also drew attention to what he heard from the students during their explanation of their ideas and actions, which showed a deep level of knowledge and know-how they had, by explaining their actions with a scientific, sequential and integrated methodology. The Acting Dean of the College also expressed his admiration for the organizational status of the exhibition, which appeared through the division of its galleries, which took into account works of art inspired by the Omani environment, Arab and Islamic culture, in addition to the ideas of modernity and contemporary. He also expressed his approval for the students' mastery of the arts of lighting, colors, anthropomorphism … etc.

In conclusion, the Acting Dean of the College thanked the Head of the Interior Design Department and the faculty members, in addition to the students of the department, for all the efforts they made to implement this exhibition. It was also confirmed that this exhibition will be organized and developed annually by including it on the college's main events calendar.

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