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writing for wellness Program for job seekers (My path, ambition, and job)

January 1, 2024 by
Oman College of Management and Technology, OCMT TSD

The college represented by Alumni Follow up Office, in addition to a group of college’s alumni, participated in “my path, ambition and job program” that was organized by Scientific College of Design for job seekers from 6th November to 25th December 2023, presented by Ms. Nasra AL Adawi at scientific College of Design headquarters. The major goal of the program was to build the job seeker’s resistance in the job search journey with reflective writing and aims to provide supportive space where the job seekers can exploit the strength of writing to express their feelings and enhance their abilities on emotional endurance and test their experiments through participating in reflective writing. The program included six sessions, one per week as mentioned below.

1)      Controlling and handling emotions, and learning about the journey of change.

2)      Strength of our personality and awareness of pen.

3)      Spiritual wellness.

4)      The power of resistance in the job search journey.

5)      The new way and self-gifting (kindness, self-care and gratitude).

6)      Preparation for the future.

The program concluded with participants sharing their views on how they benefited from the program and Dean of the college honored the participants and Ms.Nasra AL Adawi.

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