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Oman College of Management and Technology hosts a delegation from Yarmouk University.

March 31, 2022 by

A delegation from Yarmouk University visited Oman College of Management and Technology, led by Prof. Mishiel Suwaidan, Dean of the College of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Dr. Samer Samara, Dean of Information Technology, and Dr. Wael Haddad, Dean of Arts. 

This visit is in accordance with the academic liaison agreement that brings the two institutions together, as the agreement ensures that the programs offered at Oman College are comparable to those offered at Yarmouk University, giving students at our college a similar level of knowledge and qualification to students at Yarmouk University.

 The visit's agenda, which spanned three days from Sunday, March 27th, to Tuesday, March 29th, 2022, included meetings with various college's departments. The delegation reviewed the results and outputs of the previous visit, which was in November 2021. Prof. Dr. Walid Hamidat, Dean of the College, and the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Research Scientific, as well as the Head of Quality Assurance Department, also provided an extensive and detailed explanation of the college's level of progress and achievement to the delegation. 

The Dean of the College also emphasized the two institutions' solid relationship and the extent of mutual coordination in academic matters. Following that, the delegation met with faculty members from academic departments as well as college students to hear their observations and recommendations. The delegation also paid an evaluation visit to some of the college's lectures in order to determine the level of teaching and to ensure that the educational sciences were compatible with those of Yarmouk University. 

At the end of the visit, the delegation members remarked on how different this visit was from prior ones, and praised the level of follow-up and achievement, as well as coordination in accordance with the agreement on academic engagement.

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