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The college received a group of its alumni

August 28, 2022 by
Oman College of Management and Technology, OCMT TSD

Organized by the Alumni Office, the Student and Alumni Affairs Committee, and in cooperation with the administrative body of the College’s Alumni Club, the College hosted on Monday evening, 22/8/2022, a group of its distinguished Alumni who achieved outstanding successes in their working lives and were able to continue their studies on the level of higher academic degrees in masters and doctorate. Where Prof. Dr. Waled Hamedat, the Dean of the College, welcomed the attendees, and in his speech he touched on the importance of their role in developing the educational process in the College to support their fellow Alumni looking for work, or their fellow students who are still studying. Then Dr. Hazem Migdady, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research, spoke about the new direction of the college and its creative plan, which aims to strengthen the relationship with the graduates in an unconventional way by activating their role in implementing the college's plans to support students and direct them in the correct manner and invest their energies positively and effectively. In his speech to a number of points, the most important of which are:

First: Contribute to providing training opportunities for college students for graduation purposes, or for fresh Alumni.

Second: Providing workshops for students in the college with the aim of educating them and urging them to use the stage of study to acquire the maximum levels of knowledge and the necessary skills to help them compete in the labour market.

Third: Organizing meetings with students who are about to graduate.

Fourth: Activating the role of college graduates in developing curricula to be in line with the latest requirements and needs that the labour market needs, by including them in the relevant committees, including the Curriculum Advisory Committees (CAC) at the academic department level and the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) at the college level.

In turn, the Alumni expressed their great happiness with this exceptional initiative on the part of the college, stressing their great enthusiasm to engage in the implementation of the pillars that were raised during the speech of the Dean of the College and his assistant for academic affairs and scientific research.

The meeting concluded with a heartfelt thank you for attending, taking a group photo and having lunch.

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